Corporate Drone Video

The ultimate company tour
Looking for a professional way to expose your office, school, factory or other facility? Our team consists of highly skilled drone pilots who can fly both outdoor and indoor. Our cutting edge drones are capable of recording high quality 4K video. They can fly at high speed or very slow, through gaps or next to people.

One-take catchiness
Imagine starting your company tour with a high & wide outside view continued by a smooth flight throughout all company facilities, in one single shot! Well, we can create this for you. No post video editing tricks or super expensive FX, our drones are flying smoothly from the front to the back and beyond.

Our tiny indoor drones are provided with propeller guards and weigh less than 250gr. This means it's completely safe to fly inside buildings and interact with people to create the most unique content for your business. We also have bigger drones, legally and safely flown by our A2 certified pilots.