Corporate Video

The ultimate corporate video is made with a drone.
Or rather: with one of our tiny indoor FPV drones. We work with the most experienced licensed pilots which can perform highly accurate flights. Are you looking for a company video of a one-take drone tour? Our drones are able to make high quality recordings both indoor and outdoor. They can fly fast or slow, through big halls, small offices and even close to people.

Indoor drones
Our FPV pilots are using virtual glasses which allows them to fly as if they were sitting in the drone. Where traditional cameras are cutting the shot, our FPV drones are moving on. From a high panoramic shot straight through offices, warehouses, production plants.. and all of that in one single shot! We create the most authentic content to make sure your project will stand out!

Our smallest drones weigh less than 250 grams and are provided with propeller guards. So flying indoors is 100% safe. We encourage interactions with people to make your video even more interesting to watch. We also have bigger drones with high-end camera's for outdoor recordings flown by one of our licensed pilots.