Ready to take your aftermovie, endshow or livestream to a higher level? Our FPV drones capture video out of the most spectacular perspectives. Even flying through fireworks is possible! 

Small cinematic drones
Are smallest drones weigh no more than 249 grams and are allowed to fly over buildings and close to people. These are also used for our indoor flights in big and smaller venues.

Fast freestyle drones
Our freestyle drones are designed to withstand the most challenging conditions and are provided with the newest camera technologies. We use them for dynamic and high-speed recordings. Loopings and rolls around huge stages or straight through fireworks, everything is possible!

Our drones are solid and can take a beating. Flying through fireworks isn't a problem, even if it pops right next to the drone. When flying at events, our pilots stay in close contact with their spotter (and possibly also with the front-of-house) to keep it safe for both visitors and crew members. Pay attention: flying outdoors above crowds or gatherings is not possible due to the European drone regulation.