Indoor Drone Video

Company tour video
Are you looking for a catchy way to show off your office, school or company? We're offering the most experienced licensed pilots who are able to fly through all kind of spaces. Our tiny drones weigh less than 250 grams and are able to record video up to 5K. We fly underneath obstacles, through gaps and around people. These recordings are transformed by our editors into outstanding tour videos suitable for use on websites, social media or commercials.

The one-take shot
Imagine starting your video with a high panoramic view followed by flying though the entrance throughout the entire building, and this in one single shot. That's what we do! No expensive special effects. Our drones are flying smooth and accurate from entrance to exit (and beyond). Because of the catchiness, we truly believe these kind of videos make the difference!

Our tiny drones weigh less than 250 grams and are provided with propeller guards. This makes flying indoors 100% safe. We encourage interactions with people to make your video more interesting to watch. We also offer bigger drone solutions for outdoor recordings. Flown by one of our licensed pilots (OPEN & SPECIFIC)..
Client: STAXS
Location: Heerenveen (The Netherlands)
Client: Shake Design & Build
Location: Brussels (Belgium)
Client: Di Legno Real Estate
Location: Vosselaar (Belgium)
Client: van Riel Grootkeukens
Location: Turnhout (Belgium)