Want to spice up your aftermovie, livestream or endshow? FPV drones can achieve the impossible when it comes to event video. Our cinematic freestyle drones can capture video from all angles, doing crazy loops and even fly through fireworks.

Our small cine drones can fly close to people and inside buildings safely and legally. Our freestyle drones are able to do more dynamic flights around big stages and firework shows. Outdoor flying above crowds or crowded places isn't possible due to the European drone regulations. But indoors, we can create the most stunning crowd shots with our tiny cine drones.

Our Freestyle drones are well build and can take a beating, like flying through fireworks. No need to worry, even when a firework explosion occurs right next to the drone. When flying at events, we always keep in touch with a spotter and the front-of-house to ensure the safety of the crew and visitors.